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Certified by RESET, the Sensedge Mini provides accurate, real-time, and reliable air quality monitoring insights for commercial and residential spaces. With one-of-a-kind customizable modules and an unobtrusive design, the Sensedge Mini is a powerful monitor that was made to fit specific monitoring requirements and blend into any environment. 


Experience the comfort and difference in air quality with an all-in-one solution


RESET certified




RESET™ Air Accredited Grade B monitor, fully compliant with WELL v2 building standard for performance.

Temperature and PM control-01


Customizable IAQ Parameters

Real-time, accurate, reliable readings for various air pollutants, including PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, temperature, and humidity.

Customizable Modules-1


Modular Design


Removable sensor modules to replace the traditional, costly calibration processes for long-term accuracy with minimal maintenance.

Tested against complex network environments for robust connectivity



Flexible and secure connectivity options, supporting Wi-Fi, ethernet, and various network configurations.


Trusted by clients worldwide

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Smart, accurate, and reliable - the Sensedge Mini encompasses everything an air quality monitor needs.

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