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Product Demo: Streamlining WELL Certification With Kaiterra

Monitoring and improving indoor air quality can help companies earn multiple points toward WELL Certification. However, with nuanced thresholds, intricate calculations, and rigorous verification pathways, it is no easy task to determine if a building's air quality meets WELL's stringent requirements. 

In this session, we demonstrate how the new WELL Compliance Checker (Beta) feature on the Kaiterra Dashboard can help you streamline your data benchmarking and submission process, and explore how Kaiterra's air quality monitoring solution adds value on your journey to WELL. 

See how the new WELL Compliance Checker (Beta) helps:

  • Benchmark your IAQ performance against WELL in one click
  • Identify risks and stay on top of your certification progress
  • Save time and costs, while reducing errors along the way for evidence submission

Additionally, attend to learn how Kaiterra contributes to WELL Certification success:

  • Our best-in-class RESET-certified Grade B air quality monitors meet WELL's stringent continuous monitoring requirements
  • Through various features and pathways, earn up to 8 points for WELL v2 and 12 points for WELL Performance Rating
  • Replaceable sensor modules make annual WELL recalibration requirements effortless 
  • Our advanced dashboard extracts insights from data and streamlines IAQ data benchmarking and submission
Featured speakers:
Dan Bong WELL AP | Customer Success Manager, Kaiterra

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