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High Performance Buildings

High-Performance Buildings Start with Indoor Air Quality: Operational and Design Principles

Fundamental principles, techniques, and strategies for high performing buildings.

Designing and building facilities that operate at a higher level of energy efficiency and adhere to strict performance standards used to be the preserve of a small number of companies. 

Now, the pressure is on for building developers, designers, owners, and managers to find strategies, techniques, and tools that will provide a better occupant experience while controlling energy and maintenance costs. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the concept of high performance buildings, the factors that impact this high performance, its benefits, and some of the initiatives that companies can pursue to achieve it.

Inside High-Performance Buildings Start with Indoor Air Quality, you'll learn:

  • What makes a building high-performing and the benefits of designing with this in mind
  • What implementing a high performance building strategy looks like
  • Industry standards, best practices, and areas of focus
  • Why IAQ can fast-track your approach to achieving high performance buildings


How can you design and operate buildings more efficiently?
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