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Fight COVID-19 w IAQ Management

Is Your Building Ready for Reopening?

Watch our latest webinar to learn how you can limit the spread of the coronavirus with indoor air quality management and put the well-being of your employees, tenants, and customers at the center of your building management strategies.

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We will walk you through key strategies you can implement to help you lower the risks of COVID-19, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Combat COVID-19 with Indoor Air Quality Monitoring





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Discover the Opportunities with The Sensedge Mini.

In order to keep occupants healthy and to facilitate building re-opening after COVID-19, continuous air quality monitoring efforts are becoming a top priority for all businesses. Find out how the Sensedge Mini can help optimize the air quality in your building. 

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[Free Course] Insider’s Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Air Quality Monitor

As offices and buildings are slowly reopening and air quality is coming to the forefront of keeping occupants healthy, investing in air quality monitoring has never been more crucial. Our new crash course teaches you about the tips + tricks to keep in mind when choosing an IAQ device.


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Air Quality Guide for Buildings: Strategies to Fight COVID-19

Many of the same techniques used to secure a healthy building certification can be applied to the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, the WELL Building Standard recently released a series of eight strategies that you can apply to combat COVID-19 in your building.


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Is COVID-19 Airborne? Busting Myths About the Coronavirus

The transmission methods of COVID-19 have been a continuing point of contention for many inside and outside of the medical community.  Because of the confusion regarding this topic, we decided to consolidate and clarify some topics related to the spread of the novel coronavirus.


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Limiting the impact of the epidemic will require an all-in approach. With significant uncertainty remaining, we understand the challenges buildings and the people inside them are facing, and we are more than happy to address your concerns about your reopening strategies. Click below to book a time with us!

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